Behind the Desk for Administrators, strive towards excellence, forward thinking and creative innovation to propel you the Executive Assistant, Personal Assistant and Administrative Professional from the former to the present and into the future creating your new working reality!

We have put together a unique set of services to help you make the much needed transition and catapult you from having limited resources and abilities into unlimited possibilities through targeted and extensive training methodologies.

Throughout decades we have seen the development of the Executive Assistant, Personal Assistant and Administrative Professional evolve into a leadership role within their own right. Studies have shown that the role is not just a girl’s job but that there is an increase of the return of male assistants in the industry, who are also enjoying the profession that the role has to offer.

Why Behind The Desk for Administrators

The heartbeat of Behind the Desk for Administrators is to develop the latent talent in these roles, however, we do not want to stop at equipping you for your current position as it is, we, would like to take you into the future of the assistant/administrator role in the industry. We see that the assistant/administrator of the present moment on both ends of the spectrum are aspiring leaders of the industry.

What does this future role look like?

It means that we have taken a look at the development of the C-suite role of the future. We have found that the role of the assistant/administrator will need to be far more adaptive in order to meet and exceed the needs in adding a robust support system for the Super leader of tomorrow.

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